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Hair Conditioner vs Hair Mask: What’s the Difference?

With so many hair care products for us to choose from, it can be challenging to figure out which one suits best. Today, let’s tackle one of the biggest debates in the hair care world: hair conditioner vs hair mask. We know that you probably have a lot of questions about the difference between the two, which one to use and which is better. But don’t worry because we’re here to help you get all the answers you need to give your hair the TLC it deserves. 

What Is a Hair Conditioner?

We’re all familiar with conditioner! It’s such an essential part of our hair care routine that helps smoothen hair, hydrate and reduce frizz. On top of that, conditioners also protect against damage caused by heat from styling tools, harmful UV rays and pollution. 

To enjoy the magic of conditioner, simply apply a coin-sized amount of conditioner to your shampooed hair and leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing out. Don’t avoid conditioning your hair with the fear that it will weigh it down because it’s simply a matter of finding the right conditioner that suits your hair’s unique needs. We can help you figure this out, too, when you come in for an appointment!  

What is a Hair Mask? 

On the other hand, a hair mask is a treatment that goes a step further than your conditioner. With moisturising and nourishing ingredients, and deep conditioning properties, hair masks help tackle hair problems from the inside out by penetrating deep into the hair shafts. Adding a hair mask to your hair care routine will give your hair the extra nourishment it needs to strengthen and revive itself. 

To apply your hair mask, you should first wash and towel dry your hair. Then apply the mask and leave it on for a minimum of 5 minutes for it to work its magic, and then rinse it out. Depending on your hair type and the extent of damage, you can use a hair mask once or twice a week. 

The Difference Between a Conditioner and a Hair Mask

To put it simply, conditioners are designed to keep your hair hydrated, moisturised and easy to manage. On the other hand, hair masks are reparative treatments that provide deeper conditioning to your hair. While a conditioner provides quick and surface-level results, a mask offers more long-term benefits. 

It’s clear that both hair conditioners and hair masks promise soft, shiny and silky hair. Now, you must be wondering if they can be used interchangeably. Well, not really! And this brings us to another burning question that many of you have. 

Do I Need Both a Hair Conditioner and a Hair Mask?

Yes, you do! If you want to achieve a gorgeous, glossy, and healthy mane, you definitely need both. But this doesn’t mean you have to use both at the same time. Using both simultaneously can be a little too much for your hair because it can over-condition it – and that’s not what we want! 


Despite serving different purposes, hair conditioners and hair masks are essential parts of your hair care routine. Now that you know the differences and benefits of conditioners and hair masks and how to use them, it’s important that you find the right products for your hair. If you’re struggling with finding the perfect products, we’re here to help. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for help and recommendations. 

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