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Low Maintenance Colours

Look your best effortlessly with each waking day!

Low maintenance colours don’t necessarily have to be bland, boring or something that compromises on quality. This is where picking the right products and the right salon comes in handy! At Grace Gold, we understand the importance of a good low maintenance colour and the convenience it brings to your life. Our low maintenance hair colours can save you the hassle of being in the salon every few weeks for a touch up. You’ll leave our space feeling more confident than ever in your appearance.

Using Evo Colours & Keune Products

At Grace Gold, we use Evo colours & Keune retail products, keeping our colours low maintenance so you don’t have to visit the salon every couple of weeks. Evo colours are animal-cruelty free and vegan. As a company, Keune pride themselves in upholding good ethical and moral standards, ensuring all their products are of high quality and safe. Here’s why using these salon products would definitely prove to be more beneficial for you:

  • Box colour tends to be extremely hard on your hair. As it is formulated to fit the masses, the chances of it being exactly right for your hair are slim, and the colour may be deposited unevenly across your hair without the eye of a good colourist & stylist.
  • Salon products are designed to protect your colour and keeps it looking fresh, making sure you get the most from your colour. Poor quality hair products will strip your hair colour of its brightness, leaving it looking duller instead. (This also means you’ll have to visit the salon more often to get your colour back!)
  • Elaborating on our previous point, the right hair care products will contain a high potency of good ingredients, allowing your hair colour to last much longer. Meanwhile, generic over-the-counter products are more likely to have diluted ingredients. This means you’ll either have a colour that won’t last very long or dull hair!
  • Salon products like Evo colours are more eco-friendly, containing lesser harsh chemicals. The future of our planet is very important to everyone at Grace Gold, so we believe in doing our part and helping our clients do theirs. Look and feel your best with zero guilt when using the products at Grace Gold. To learn more about the measures we take when it comes to sustainability, click here.

 Colour that’s easy to maintain & lasts longer!

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Why Is Balayage Great Low Maintenance?

Balayage is a great way to freshen up your look by enhancing the natural colours of your hair or adding texture to it so if you’re looking for a new, confident feel, this may just be the answer. This freehand technique, originating from France, allows us to achieve several different effects by choosing which specific areas to apply the highlights in.

A good colorist & stylist knows just how to give you the best shades for your features, while also giving you added depth and a rich, beautiful glow. The team at Grace Gold has over a decade of collective experience in hairdressing services, so you can count on us to help you achieve the perfect look.

For Balayage, your first visit with us will take 3-4 hours, but the benefits & effects run for the long haul!

  • The colours grow out beautifully long term
  • You don’t have to follow up much!
  • Looks great on any hair type & colour
  • No regrowth lines
  • Far less maintenance than traditional colour

Your Next Appointment

You will notice over time that your colour will change as you wash it. It will most likely become lighter and potentially a bit warm. We recommend coming back 10 weeks after your first visit for a maintenance toner. A toner will blend in any regrowth lines and it will also tone your balayage. Lots of our clients prefer to not even get a toner, they like to stretch their appointments out to 3-4 months and do minimal lightening on the second appointment. This means you only have 3-4 salon visits per year!

Maintaining Your Colour

Colour your hair at Grace Gold and maintenance will be as simple as it gets. We recommend waiting at least 72 hours (or longer!) before washing your hair after a fresh colour to avoid any colour running out. Minimise your time in the sun and avoid hot water when washing.

Above all, professional haircare will go a long way in keeping your colour looking fresh and healthy. We offer a range of treatments in-salon to help you maintain the integrity of your hair after colouring, check them out here! Unsure of what products to use on your hair at home? Have a quick chat with us during your appointment and we’ll help you figure it out.

In addition to gorgeous cuts and nourishing hair treatments, we also offer professional hair colour. So, achieve that confidence & fresh look you’ve been looking for, with some pretty great company while you do too. Call Grace Gold today to schedule your appointment!