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Best Tips For Protecting Your Hair During Summer!

Summer is the peak season for your skin and hair to suffer most damage from the sun. With just a few proactive steps you can enjoy the fun summer brings while also protecting your hair from those hot, sunny months. Here are some of our best tips from the team at Grace Gold for keeping your hair healthy during summer.

Add an extra protective shield

Similarly to how you apply sunscreen to protect your skin while out sunning and swimming, we recommend slathering on a leave-in conditioner over your strands before heading out. A leave-in conditioner leaves your hair highly nourished and reduces your chances of absorbing any damaging like elements like chlorine and salt.

Cleanse gently

The temptation is very strong to scrub at your hair after a day at the beach or in the dusty outdoors. However, this will only do more damage, by drying your hair out and stripping it of its natural nutrients and oils. The key to keeping your hair clean after a day at the beach or pool is to use a gentle shampoo, designed specifically to clean your hair of salt, chlorine and sand. If you’re unsure of what to use, we can help you out with a quick consultation!

Avoid heat styling

Minimise seasonal damage by sticking to air drying as much as possible. With the heat of summer, the last thing you want to do is add blow drying and other heat styling tools on top of this to damage your hair.

Keep hydrated

This may come across quite obvious but in order to maintain overall beauty (including that of your hair!), it’s important to keep hydrated with cooling liquids and healthy foods. A healthy body gives you better chances of maintaining hair in challenging environmental conditions.

Start a night routine

While the days may prove especially tough on your hair, there’s no reason why you can’t rejuvenate at night! Before you head to bed is one of the best times to apply a nourishing hair mask or leave-in conditioning cream. Concentrate more on the frizzy area and wake up with your hair feeling softer than ever!

And, if you ever need a professional pick-me-up, we have you covered at Grace Gold with our luxury in-salon treatments and low maintenance colours!

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