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Keratin Treatment

Have a great hair day, every day, with our keratin treatment!

Keratin is essentially a super strong deep conditioner. This ingredient is a major protein naturally found in your hair, protecting and keeping your strands healthy. Unfortunately, due to external exposure like the sun, chemicals & pollution, or even changes to your lifestyle, the keratin in your hair gets depleted. This is usually what leads to dull, dry & damaged hair. Through keratin smoothing, treatment is brushed into wet hair, then blow-dried and sealed in with a hot iron. This treatment allows you to replenish the lost keratin in your hair, making it look smooth, shiny and frizz-free!

Is Keratin Treatment Right For You?

Want fuss-free hair and a salon worthy blow-dry look? Keratin smoothing is the right treatment for you! This is the ideal option for anyone who struggles with unruly/damaged hair but do keep in mind that the final look will vary according to your hair type! While there are also no known adverse effects when having this service performed while pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend consulting a physician prior to any treatment.

Your appointment may seem lengthy as it usually takes 3-4 hours to complete. But, the results will provide you with frizz-free, shinier hair that will last for months to come, making this time well spent. Here are some of the other benefits you can expect with keratin treatment:

  • Makes hair stronger
  • Less prone to breakage
  • Faster hair-drying times
  • Sleek, frizz-free hair
  • Low maintenance
  • Loosens all types of curls
  • No more heat styling (& damage!)
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Faster hair growth

Get smoother, frizz-free hair with
our Keratin Treatment

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Keratin Treatment Vs Permanent Straightening

Unlike other straightening treatments, keratin smoothing doesn’t permanently restructure your hair. Instead of unnaturally, stick-straight hair, keratin treatment rebuilds your natural hair to make it look frizz-free and the healthiest version of itself. This treatment is activated by heat and washes out slowly with time.

All hair types differ, so more heat may have to be applied (i.e. using a hairdryer) to achieve a smoother finish for some with curlier hair. So while some may have straight hair post-treatment, others may be able to loosen up unmanageable curls.

Why do we recommend keratin treatment over permanent straightening? Here are some of the cons of the latter:

  • Breaks your hair internally to achieve permanent results.
  • Leaves your hair brittle & prone to damage so continuous care is needed.
  • Can further dry out your hair (therefore isn’t recommended for bleached or coloured hair).
  • Treatment will have to be repeated when regrowth of new hair occurs.
  • Future styling won’t be possible as your hair will be permanently straightened.

Colouring With Keratin Treatment

It’s usually recommended to opt for lightening services BEFORE keratin treatment. The bleach used for colouring your hair is capable of stripping the strands of its keratin, and therefore cancelling out the results. Scattered highlights, foil root touch-ups, tinting, toning or semi-permanent colouring can all be carried out after your keratin treatment.

For more clarity on how to maintain your colour AND the results from your keratin treatment, our staff at Grace Gold can give you all the information you need during your appointment.

Maintaining Long-Lasting Results

While keratin treatment can give you the smooth locks you’re looking, you still have to regularly hydrate your hair. We have a range of in-salon treatments designed to deeply moisturize your hair and tame any fly-aways. Check them out here!

We can also help you pick out the best products for your hair to use at home on a regular basis. For example, we usually recommend a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain this particular treatment. And as long as you avoid washing your hair too frequently, then keratin treatment can last up to 4 to 6 months.

No more spending hours styling or worrying about your hair, each day is a great hair day with this treatment! At Grace Gold we provide several low maintenance treatments and products, with keratin treatment being one of the best to help you fight the frizz or loosen your curls. Be the most confident version of yourself every day, just call us and book your appointment!