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4 Ways to Deal With Oily Hair

Oily hair can be incredibly uncomfortable to deal with. It’s not only greasy in appearance, but often leads to a dirty scalp, uncomfortable itching, and even dandruff. How can you deal with this WITHOUT getting rid of all the essential oils in your hair? At Grace Gold, we encourage our loyal clients to take proactive measures at home first and, failing which, look to us for professional services. Here are some DIY hacks and tips we’ve found incredibly helpful that you can try at home:

Wash Your Hair Less

If you routinely wash your hair each day, and it’s still greasy, maybe it’s time to switch up your routine. Have oily hair combined with a dry and itchy scalp? Washing your hair less frequently will help solve the overproduction of oil in your scalp.

Deep Clean With Aloe

Aloe is an amazing agent often used as a hair mask to remove product buildup, soothe your scalp and protect your hair strands from permanent damage to achieve soft and healthy-looking hair. Invest in hair masks and products with this ingredient and use regularly for best results.

Dry Shampoo

One of the best temporary solutions for oily-looking hair is dry shampoo. If you can’t wash your hair regularly to save it from looking oily, dry shampoo is the way to go. Although it’s safe to use it every now and then, wash the product off as soon as possible to avoid irritation and damage to your scalp as it can cause your hair and scalp to become dirty and gritty.

Deep Conditioning with Coconut Oil

To provide deep hydration for your hair and scalp, coconut oil treatment is tested and proven to be highly beneficial. This treatment is also usually done with warm coconut oil, as it provides better nourishment for your scalp.

We all have bad hair days when it comes to oily hair but thankfully there are plenty of ways you can deal with this problem. The production of oil in your hair changes over time and usually reduces as you get older, so you most definitely won’t be stuck with greasy hair forever.

You can visit us at Grace Gold and find a more long-term treatment to keep your hair less greasy or simply get a thorough wash and blow-dry!

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