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I get a lot of questions about my story and how me and Em ended up being starting Grace Gold so we thought we’d use out first blog post to tell my story…

So I finished school in 2010 and didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Mum and dad kind of pushed me to go to uni but I knew that wasn’t for me. At the end of 2010 I started a Cert 2 in make up. Back then make up wasn’t as big as it was now so I finished the course and was kind of like what now?? I had no interest in working at any of the make up stores and hadn’t really learnt enough to go out on my own.

Believe it or not it was actually my dads idea to go into hairdressing. In July 2011 I started working at a salon in North Balwyn. I worked along side some amazing hairdressers, I even got to go to Las Vegas one year for the Paul Mitchel gathering which was amazing!!!

I qualified in July 2014 and thought it was time to move on. Thats when I started at a salon in Ringwood. I worked there for a few months then went on a big Europe trip with my best friend Rach. Was only meant to be gone for three months but ended up staying and working in Germany for an extra month (oops).

I came back and worked at the salon in Ringwood for a few months then a salon in East Brunswick found me on instagram and loved my work and offered me a job.

Thats when I finally made the move to the northside!!! Its also where I realised what aspects of hairdressing I love… all things colour… blondes, balayage, brunettes. Everything colour related.

I worked for another 6 months, still had the travel bug so me and my partner at the time made the big move to Spain. We were there for 4 months then decided to jet off to NZ, buy a van and travel around.

I’d always wanted to have my own salon but it was on those long drives around NZ where I really really realised that this is what I wanted to do!

I came back to Melbourne worked for another few months and thats when we decided to do it!!

We had huge help from our mum who has had her own business for 6 years and dad who is a builder and also mums partner Cos who is a hairdresser by trade and had his own salon for a long time.

Me and Em both love colour so we decided to make that the focus at Grace Gold. It’s been so nice being able to create the space that we want to work in.

Oh and I always get asked where the name Grace Gold comes from? Im a little obsessed with the singer Meg Mac. If you don’t know her get on spotify right now and listen to her song Grace Gold or actually all of her music is good so play anything!!

Anyway Grace Gold is about an imaginary woman who in Megs words is ‘a role model, she is the perfect balance of strong and soft. She is nice but you can’t push her over because she is made of gold.’ In this article she talks about the notion that you don’t have to be weak to be nice.

I just love the meaning behind the song so thats why we went with Grace Gold.

Well now you know all about my life, next month will be all about Em!!!!