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Dry Your Hair Without a Blow-Dryer Using These Tips!

A hairdryer is always the most convenient option when you’re heading off in a rush and need to dry your hair quickly. The heat damage and consequent hair loss, however, is definitely not as convenient. We understand a trip to the salon isn’t always able to fit your schedule (but for when it does, Grace Gold has you covered all the way!) so if you need to dry and style your hair fast, here’s a list of methods you can use to do so safely, without causing any heat damage in the process:

Use a microfiber cloth to blot your hair

Your hair drying routine usually begins with a towel, and using a microfiber towel is one of the best options out there. As they are moisture-wicking, they absorb the moisture out of your hair without damaging and pulling out strands of hair. 

Use a wide-toothed comb

Either for wet or dry hair, we recommend using a wide-toothed comb in order to gently detangle any knots without tearing or pulling at your hair. Using this comb, also tends to tame frizz if you’re prone to frizzy hair.  By combing through and detangling your wet hair, you are separating the hair strands in order to promote faster airflow and in turn, it speeds up hair drying time. 

Condition to dry

Your hair is the weakest when it’s wet so make sure to deep condition it during this time. This way it makes it easier to towel dry your hair while preventing it from getting frizzy or damaged. 

Try a T-Shirt

For all the curly-haired beauties, use a t-shirt to tie your hair in a turban to let your hair dry without any friction and prevent your curls from getting frizzy. As an extra step, apply some leave-in conditioner for a beautiful finish.

If you’re thinking of reducing the amount of heat you expose your hair to, these simple tips are a great way to get started. At Grace Gold we also offer a range of luxury treatments if your hair is suffering from heat damage and dryness. Contact us today for expert hair care and styling!

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