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Is Balayage The Right Option For You?

Thinking about colouring your hair but wondering if Balayage is the right option for you? Balayage helps you achieve hair with a natural, sun-kissed glow. Ranging from golden blonde to champagne pink, there are various colours available for you to choose from. Here’s what you need to know about this style before you make your salon appointment:


Balayage highlights are known for giving off a very natural glow to your hair. You can achieve the perfect ‘summertime in Malibu’ look with this natural lightening effect. This can last up to 3 to 4 months with the right maintenance. 

Relatively Low Maintenance 

Balayage is typically applied from a quarter to a third way down the roots, making the roots darker and the ends lighter, mimicking how hair lightens naturally. Therefore even as the hair grows, the look will be maintained well and, as a result, minimal touch-ups will be required. 

Minimal Damage 

Unlike other treatments where colouring is applied from roots to the tip, balayage ensures that hair colouring is applied further down the strand in each section. This makes it a healthier alternative to your usual styling. 

Weekly Treatments

By this, we don’t mean you have to visit the salon every week to get treatments. Your balayage can be maintained at home with a deep moisturizing treatment each week. A simple hair mask or oil will help keep your hair shiny, moisturized, and nourished.  Using gentle hair products that won’t strip your hair of its colour is very important. 

Touch Up

The best part of balayage touch-ups is that you only need to do this every 4 months or so. You can choose to move the highlight closer to the root, or freshen up the highlights from the hairline down. 

Balayage is a hair treatment that has remained popular for many years. Considering colouring your hair? We can help you achieve the hair goals you’ve always dreamed of! Call Grace Gold today to schedule your appointment!

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