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Keep Your Colored Hair Healthy with These Simple Tips!

Stepping out of the salon with freshly dyed hair is an irreplaceable feeling. The split ends, dryness & other damages your hair faces after? That part definitely isn’t as fun. So we’ve put together our most recommended tips for you to stop your newly colored hair from fading and to keep it healthy. 

Avoid Heat

It’s quite common to have dry and brittle hair ends once you color your hair, especially if your hair has been bleached. Given the heat and UV Rays already affecting your hair on a daily basis, it’s a terrible idea to over-dry your hair further with a straightener or a curling iron. Hence, it’s important to be careful with how often you style your hair, or find a heatless method to instead.

Avoid Chlorine

Being a very harsh chemical, chlorine can make your hair really dry and cause your hair color to fade. Too much exposure to chlorine will especially affect blonde hair by bringing out the green tones of your hair. It’s quite difficult to reverse this once the damage is done. Hence, before you go swimming make sure to wear swim caps or chlorine hair protection products in order to protect your dyed hair. We also recommend using a good conditioner before hitting the pool to prevent chlorine from being absorbed.

Cold Showers

Lukewarm and cold showers are recommended for colored hair. Hot water leaves your cuticles open, allowing color molecules to escape, slowly stripping the dye off your hair. Cold water, on the other hand, helps seal these cuticles preventing your color from fading fast.

Avoid UV Rays   

We all know how much UV rays affect our skin, making sunscreen one of the most important parts of everyone’s skincare routine. Likewise UV rays are equally damaging to your hair and often fade its color by slowly breaking the chemical bonds in your hair dye. You can protect your hair coloring by either wearing a hat or investing in sun protection hair products. Also avoid stepping out in the sun with damp hair as this is especially harmful.

Deep Conditioning Treatments 

We recommend taking up a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week. This will provide intense moisture, and it will also help restore your hair’s shiny look and sleek texture, keeping it extra healthy.

Trim Often 

Regular trims are a way to get rid of the split ends and broken hair. Since it’s not possible to completely avoid split ends, it’s a great option to get regular trims every six to eight weeks to help maintain healthy hair. 

Maintain your hair coloring for a long time to come with these simple tips and worry no more about dull, faded and unhealthy hair. If you are looking to get your hair colored by professionals or you’re in need of rejuvenating hair treatment, contact us at Grace Gold for best results!

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