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6 Ways to Keep Your Scalp Healthy!

Many people focus on the health of their hair and completely neglect their scalp. Hair strands grow from your scalp so if you want healthy, lustrous hair, taking care of your scalp would be a great place to start! 

Prevent hair fall and maintain a healthy scalp with these simple yet effective options:     

Use Gentle Hair Care Products 

Being part of your skin, your scalp is sensitive too. Components such as fragrance, alcohol, and sulfate will only suck the moisture out of your hair, making it look frizzy, dry, and damaged. Avoid these ingredients for more gentle hair products that are known to retain moisture instead.

Avoid Scrubbing

When you are shampooing, gently massage instead of scrubbing your scalp. This way you can increase circulation in your head and also prevent scraping.     

Wash According to a Routine    

It’s best to keep it at 2-3 times a week tops. When you wash your hair daily or too often, you strip away all its natural oils. This in turn prompts your scalp to produce more oil to keep hydrated, leaving you with greasy hair. The end result will be a cycle of overly frequent washing and oily hair.  

Consume More Supplements

According to research, Omega 3 supplements nourish your hair by stimulating circulation. Taking one per day, every day would do wonders for hair growth. 

Add Anti-Oxidants to Your Meals

Lesser intake of antioxidants causes oxidative stress, which affects the rate of hair loss and the health of your scalp. The best source of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, and simply consuming more of these in your meals will lead to better hair growth. 

Opt For a Scalp Scrub Once In a While   

Similarly to how you exfoliate your body at least once a week, you should scrub your scalp too. A scalp scrub will help remove excess dead cells, oils, and dandruff, eventually boosting your hair growth. 

Follow these simple steps for a healthy scalp and glowing hair. If you still find yourself struggling to nourish your hair, we offer luxury treatments at Grace Gold guaranteed to give your hair the nutrients it needs. Book an appointment with us and find the best hair treatment for you!

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