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Look After Your Blonde Hair with These 6 Easy Tips

Well-maintained blonde hair never fails to look gorgeous. Maintaining a healthy, vibrant sheen can be quite the challenge, however. With the wrong hair care routine, green ends or dull, brassy tones are quite a common sight. Whether you’ve recently coloured your hair or you’re looking to maintain your natural colour, here are some simple tips from our experts that will help keep your blonde hair healthy:

Go for a Rich, Hydrating Hair Mask

If you’re an avid swimmer, the best advice we have is to use pre and post-poolside products to protect your hair. Keep your hair glowing and healthy by using a rich leave-in hair mask that will nourish your hair. We recommend adding a hair mask to your routine at least once a week.

Protect your Hair from Sun Damage with SPF

Applying plant oil with SPF on your hair before going out in the sun or for a swim will help protect your hair color from turning brassy or green, and nourish your hair. If it’s too late, here’s a DIY trick you can try at home! If your hair shows shades of green after a swim you can crush 2 aspirins and add it to your shampoo. The alkalinity of the chlorine is neutralized by the salicylic acid, and in turn will reduce the green tones in your hair! The most efficient solution, however, would be to book an appointment with us so we can give your hair the proper TLC it needs.

Reduce the use of Styling Tools

Women with fine hair are more likely to suffer the brunt of styling tools. This can cause brittle, dry hair if used excessively. Give your hair a break from all that heat styling. The best thing you can invest in is a microfiber towel to dry your hair and let your hair air dry afterward for minimal damage.

Use Essential Oils to Heal your Hair!

When dealing with the sun, chlorine, saltwater, and wind, blonde hair tends to become visibly duller. Applying essential oils on your hair not only gives a light fresh fragrance, but also helps keep your hair strong when facing these elements.

Use a Leave-In Conditioner

Especially dedicated to our beach babes who love going to the sea often, we recommend applying a little bit of leave-in conditioner on the tips of your hair before jumping in. This product is essentially the equivalent of body butter, strengthening your hair against harmful UV rays as well as saltwater. Certain types also protect hair colour from fading.

Skip the Shampoo Sometimes

Your blonde hair can be very delicate and far more porous than darker hair. It’s not necessary to wash your hair on a daily basis unless you go swimming. In this case, we recommend rinsing your hair immediately after to get rid of lingering chlorine. On other days, you can skip the shampoo sometimes. Simply rinse your hair with lukewarm water and conditioner to get the sweat out instead of stripping your hair of its natural oils using shampoo.

With the right care, you can have your blonde hair looking bright and healthy!

At Grace Gold, we have a range of treatments available designed to soothe damaged hair and restore natural shine. Feel like your hair needs a pick-me-up? Schedule an appointment with us today!

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