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Are You Washing Your Hair More Than You Should?

It seems nearly impossible for us girls to find the perfect hair wash routine. If you wash your hair too much it will become dry and frizzy. Don’t wash it enough, it will become greasy and flat.

We have some tips, tricks and secrets to spill on what type of hair schedule you should follow for perfect results.

Hair Type

Let’s discuss hair types. There’s a reason why there are so many varieties of hair products for each hair type. It’s important to pay attention to different hair types and textures, and have a specific wash routine. Thicker hair types can go longer without cleansing while hair with thin strands get oily and dirty faster. Straight hair tends to need frequent washing while curly hair tends to stick to the dry side…you get the idea.


Not a lot of people realize how much one’s lifestyle affects their hair. You wash your hair, blow dry your hair, style it in the morning with so much effort. Then you hit the gym and end up having to shower again, since your hair is now oily with sweat clogging up your pores. Does this sound familiar to you? The more active you are, the more you should wash your hair.


Consider washing your hair twice a week maximum, regardless of hair type and texture if you have got dark hair. This issue with washing your hair frequently is that it makes you lose your hair’s pigments, resulting in a faded shade instead of a dark shiny texture. 

Go dry

When you want to get rid of dirt from your hair but you don’t want to use shampoo, consider using a dry shampoo since it is an ideal option for a temporary quick fix.

So when can I wash my hair?

If you have dry hair, you can wash it two times per week, while if you have oily hair you may have to wash your hair every other day. If you are lucky enough to have normal hair in-between these two extremes, you have the luxury of washing it whenever you want to.

When you have thick or curly hair, you can go for days without washing it since it takes longer for oils in your hair to travel down the hair shaft than for straight hairs.

If you think you need a wash, you can always shower without using any product on your hair. We have been trained to always wash, lather, and rinse, but this way you may be washing your hair way more often than you should. Sometimes we should be co-washing (using conditioner only) instead of the traditional shampoo and conditioner wash. 

So coming back to the question again, how often should we wash our hair?

The ideal number is once every 3 days. You can also sum up your perfect hair care routine considering your hair type, colour, and the lifestyle you are leading.

If you wish to receive treatment for your hair by professionals, contact us at Grace Gold to make an appointment to receive the perfect hair treatment for your hair type.

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