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Make your Blow-Dry Last Longer With These Tips!

One of the best parts of getting a haircut is that bouncy, expensive look your hair has after a blow-dry. Getting your hair done by a professional is one of life’s little pleasures, that is until about 12 hours later when the results wear out. It takes so little time and effort for your hair to turn into a knotted mess compared to the effort and time usually taken to make your hair look that luscious.  

It doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. There are some ways to make your blow-dry last longer listed below that you could try the next time you get it done.

Avoid running your fingers through your hair

Yes it’s extremely tempting to touch your silky smooth hair every 2 minutes, but don’t fiddle. Remember that only fresh air and looks of awe are allowed after your blow-dry.

Start loving shower caps

If you want to have a bath or even wash your face, wear your shower cap. Steam and water don’t really get along well with your hair when it comes to maintaining your blow-dry. 

Sleep on silk

There’s a reason why every movie about rich women who love to shop were fixated on Mulberry silk. Sleeping on silk is so much better for your hair since it is gentler and softer when compared to cotton.    

Limit your shower time

Remember when we learnt that steam is not your freshly blow dried hair’s best friend? Make sure you don’t spend too much time in your shower or bath after a new hairdo. Keep your essential oil and bath bombs for your next shower. 

Be gentle with your hair when brushing

Use a hairbrush with thick bristles in order to avoid static frizz, and be kind to your hair while brushing it.

Practice braiding

When you feel like your blow-dry is fading off, plait your hair before going to bed and leave it overnight to get soft beachy waves. 

Spray your hairspray

Spraying hairspray in your hair is a great idea if your hair has become oily overnight, and also to prevent any buildups. 

Consider using dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a good addition to add texture to your hair, when your hair begins to look flat. This is a great option to dry your hair after oil or sweat build up.

Choose an expert hairdresser

Consider visiting a hairdresser worth spending your money on. Go for an excellent hair salon that uses special tools and techniques to give you the best and damage-free blow-dry. 

At Grace Gold, we use professional techniques and advanced products to give you the perfect blow-dry, as well as more great after-care tips on how to make it last as long as possible. Book an Appointment with us now!

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