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Scalp Care 101: How to Take Care of Your Scalp

While trying to achieve healthy, shiny hair, many tend to forget that their scalps need a little TLC along the way as well. At Grace Gold, we want to give our clients comprehensive hair care, that doesn’t just tackle their hair but their scalps too.

Scalp-buildup is a common condition that triggers troublesome hair damage, but this condition is entirely avoidable with the right scalp care products and hair care routine. We’ve put together a small guide that will help you better understand how to tackle this issue:

What is scalp build-up?

Scalp build-up is the accumulation of dead-skin flakes on your scalp. Conditions like dandruff can contribute towards scalp build-up, but so can oils, hair care products, sweat and a combination of other substances.  If left untreated, your scalp-buildup can even lead to hair loss. The cause of scalp build-up can be divided into two categories:

  1. Product build-up: Certain hair care products (including shampoos, conditioners, gels, oils & foams) contain waxy substances that stick to your scalp if not rinsed away properly or may sometimes leave behind a residue.
  2. Natural build-up: There are several factors which may contribute to natural build-up. Sebum, which is an essential oil, produced by the glands beneath your scalp to keep your hair moisturized, is sometimes produced in excess for certain individuals and may cause a buildup. Another factor is an irregular skin cell lifecycle.  Your skin cells constantly die and regrow. Once they die, they shed in order to make room for the new ones. When they do not shed fast enough, this causes a buildup. One other common factor is sweat. If you don’t clean your scalp after a sweaty workout, it will become greasy and lead to a build-up.

How can you get rid of scalp build-up?

Scalp cleaning is the only way to tackle this build-up. In order to do this, you need to look for specific scalp care products, designed to tackle a dry or itchy scalp while relieving irritation and controlling flakes. If you’re unsure of what products to buy, a quick consultation at Grace Gold will help you figure it out! Here are some other steps we recommend you adding to your routine for a healthier scalp:

  1. Avoid hot water when washing your hair, instead rinse with lukewarm water to prevent damage.
  2. Your hair ends are the cleanest parts of your head so over-shampooing them can lead to dry ends! Instead, focus on washing/shampooing your scalp more to get rid of impurities.
  3. Don’t scrub at your hair and scalp with your nails. This will create scabs and wounds, and also cause breakage.

Regular scalp cleaning and a consistent hair care routine is all you need to keep this condition at bay! Want to give your scalp a little TLC? We offer luxurious treatments at Grace Gold that won’t just nourish your hair, but your scalp too! Call today to book your appointment.

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