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The A to Z’s Of Oiling Your Hair The Right Way

The practice of a good oil massage is a tradition that has been passed down in several cultures. Today, it has become a regular part of many women’s hair care routine. Still haven’t added this step to your own routine?  We’ve prepared a simple guide that will teach you how to apply oil the RIGHT way so you have a healthy head of hair! 

Should hair oil be massaged into your scalp?

The best way to apply oil is through a scalp massage. Not only does this encourage healthy hair growth but it helps boost circulation. Too much massaging or aggressively attacking your hair, however, will damage your hair strands! Gently use the tips of your fingers to avoid pulling out strands and massage the oil onto your scalp and roots in a circular motion. 

Should oil be applied to wet or dry hair?

Whether your hair strands are damp or dry won’t make a massive difference, although it is important to make sure your scalp and hair are CLEAN for the oil to get absorbed. We recommend applying oil when your hair is dry if using much heavier oils like coconut oil as these contain larger molecules that penetrate the shaft of your hair more easily when dry. Using warm oil is another great way to help oil effectively get absorbed into your scalp. You can do this by slightly heating your preferred oil in a bowl and applying it to your scalp. 

How much oil should you use?

The type of oil used determines how much oil you should be applying. For example, if you are using a serum-type oil, a few drops are enough to do the job . But if you are using an oil mask, you’ll need to apply more. Make sure to apply on your mid-lengths and the ends of your hair to give them all the moisture they need, especially if they have been color-treated or chemically treated before. Just note that if you apply more oil than necessary, you will need to use an equal amount of shampoo to remove it, which may lead to dryness. So always keep in mind that a little goes a long way when it comes to oiling your scalp!

How long should you leave the oil in for?

One to three hours would do the trick, but you can leave it overnight too. Oil your hair and braid it if so, so that it doesn’t affect your sleeping routine. In order to see results, we recommend doing this once or twice a week.

How Do You Apply It The Right Way?

If your oil is solidified then scoop some out, add it to a bowl and microwave it enough to make sure it’s melted and warmed through. Afterward, section pieces of your hair and begin to massage the oil starting from the roots to the tip of your hair. Use your fingertips to massage your scalp and use a wide-toothed comb to brush the oil through the strands to make sure there’s even distribution and no tangles. Keep in mind that your hair shouldn’t be tied too tightly after to avoid breakage. 

Those with dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis should refrain from oiling as this will only increase dandruff and flaking of skin. In these situations, we recommend checking with your doctor before performing any kind of hair treatment by and on yourself!

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