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Your Ultimate Guide to Looking After Color Treated Hair

As lovely as it is to have gorgeous hair in various different colors and shades, it’s equally important to learn how to maintain your colored hair. During the process of color treatment, your hair undergoes oxidation where it opens up the cuticles in order to deposit the color. As your hair has been altered chemically, it takes some effort to look after it. 

At Grace Gold, we love transforming our clients’ hair with a fresh, new color & cut but ensuring the health of your hair plays just as important a role in maintaining your look. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Ingredients You Should Avoid 

Ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, and petrochemicals should be avoided when buying your hair care products. Sulfate is an ingredient that gives you a more bubbly lather but it contributes to dryness in your hair. As colored hair is already dry, it’s important to use a nourishing shampoo that doesn’t strip your hair strands of moisture.

Wash less frequently

Extend the time in between washing your hair in order to let your hair retain its natural oils that will hydrate and repair your hair. Frequent hair washes will make your hair look dull and make your color fade much faster. Shampoos that are specifically made to restore dull color will not only help repair damaged hair but also leave it looking moisturized, soft, and shiny. Unsure of what products to use? We can help during your appointment!

Conditioners and Mask

A good conditioner and mask acts like a gloss treatment for your hair and seals the cuticle in order to protect your color. This is the best way to make your hair look freshly colored again and preserve its vibrancy and richness. On times when your hair looks like it’s brittle or damaged, using a hair mask will help revive your strands.

Hair Oil

By this point we know how important hydration is. One of the best ways to lock moisture in is with the use of hair oils. Apply hot oil treatment to your hair at least once a week to see the results. 

Heat Protectants

If you make use of heat-styling, it’s incredibly important to use a hair protectant, especially if you have color treated hair. Using heat without a heat protector leaves your hair dry, damaged and fragile. 

These are some ways to maintain your color treated hair without it looking dull or faded. Looking to color your hair again or revive it? Call our hair stylists at Grace Gold to book an appointment or opt for one of our hair treatments to nourish your locks and make them look shiny and glossy again!

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