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Thin Hair? Here’s How You Can Make It Look Thicker!

Having limp, thin hair is something that can take its toll on your confidence. If you’ve been struggling to style your hair for a girl’s night out or date night with your partner, allow our expert hairdressers to give you some insider tips on how to transform your tresses and have them looking thick and lustrous!

Tease your hair

If you want this with best results, use some hairspray too! Tease your hair in small sections to create the illusion of more volume. The best way to do this is to hold the strand of hair upwards and away from your head. Use a comb to gently brush your hair backwards. Once done, you can use hair spray to make sure to the teasing sets.

Apply product at the tips

There are plenty of volume-enhancing products you can use on your hair- but remember to use it only on your tips! Especially when it comes to thin hair, you’ll want to avoid putting any product on your roots. The tips of your hair can absorb the product most effectively.

The right hairstyle

Never underestimate the power of the right cut! If you want to give your hair more body, layers are a great way to do so! By general rule of thumb, it’s better to stick to shorter cuts to make sure your hair isn’t weighed down too much or flat.

Avoid over-conditioning

Since conditioner tends to weigh your hair down, we recommend being careful with how much you apply- and once again, make it a point to use this products only on your tips. We recommend using conditioner with every other shower.

Need your hair looking thicker? Our hairdressers at Grace Gold can have your tresses looking lustrous and shiny no matter your hair type! Call today for an appointment!

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