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5 Ways to Maintain Long Hair

Here at Grace Gold, we want our loyal customers to be able to take care of their hair on their own! If you have long hair, you know very well the struggle of maintaining it. With the constant battle of knots, split ends, and hair fall, it often feels like...

4 Ways to Deal With Oily Hair

Oily hair can be incredibly uncomfortable to deal with. It’s not only greasy in appearance, but often leads to a dirty scalp, uncomfortable itching, and even dandruff. How can you deal with this WITHOUT getting rid of all the essential oils in your hair? At Grace Gold, we encourage our...

4 Home Remedies To Tackle Dry Hair!

We know dry hair is one of most frustrating issues our clients face. Dry hair doesn't absorb or hold sufficient dampness to keep a brilliant glow. More often than not this isn't a permanent situation, however. At Grace Gold, we won't just help you get rid of dry hair, but...

Smiling woman applying mask

4 DIY Hair Masks For Glowing Hair

Your hair could look dull and damaged for many reasons: change in climate, heating tools, indoor heat, poor nourishment etc. We have good news, however! Within just 20 minutes you can gain a ton of benefits for your hair with some DIY hair treatments & masks. Hair masks can rejuvenate...